Writing Skills

Let's face it - writing is hard because it's complicated. It involves a wide range of skills - critical, organizational, stylistic, and editorial. We all bring different strengths to the table; we all have weaknesses.

That's why writing support at the Student Success Centre is personalized.

It’s based on understanding your particular needs, and working with you to develop skills that will help you at university – and in the long run. 

We offer small, writing-intensive workshops to undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students that focus not only on improving your writing skills, but on preparing specialized documents and using sources correctly. 


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A Thesis Writer's Workshop
  Thesis Writing Strategies A Thesis Writer's Workshop This four-part course hel..
$100.00 (CAD)
Crafting a Thesis or Dissertation Proposal
  An effective proposal serves as both an argument for the merit of your project and a p..
$50.00 (CAD)
Paraphrasing Effectively and Correctly
They tell you to “put it in your own words.”  But what does that really mean and how do you ..
$40.00 (CAD)
Pre-session Academic Writing Intensive
Come improve your understanding of writing in this series of classes to prepare you for your summ..
$125.00 (CAD)
To Your Credit: Using the Words and Ideas of Others Correctly
Do you worry about plagiarism while completing coursework or writing your thesis? This seminar wi..
$40.00 (CAD)
Writing (and studying for) In-Class Essays
Having issues preparing for and writing in-class essays? Learn how to study for and produce time-..
$40.00 (CAD)
Writing an Effective Funding Proposal
  Tackling that funding proposal but unsure of how to present your request? Learn strate..
$50.00 (CAD)
Writing Effective Theses, Introductions, and Conclusions
What should an effective introduction have and do? Where should your thesis go? Can conclusions d..
$40.00 (CAD)
Writing for Coherence
Why can't people follow your ideas when they are so clear to yo? Where's the flow? Learn how to c..
$40.00 (CAD)
Writing for Conciseness
Most of us are wordy.  Period.  Don’t be. Learn how not to be wordy.   &nb..
$40.00 (CAD)
Writing for Correctness
Do you know how to use a comma?  Are you sure? Correct use of grammar and punctuation isn’t ..
$40.00 (CAD)
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